5- Game Memberships

This membership includes game tickets, food & drink, a one-time 10% off merch coupon, a flexible ticket exchange policy, and invites to exclusive 5-Game Membership Events.

Food & Beverage. Fans have the option to choose between two different 5-Game Membership options. Each 5-Game Membership comes with your choice of a slice of pizza, hotdog, pretzel with cheese or nachos with cheese and one bag of popcorn. Option #1 comes with one Pepsi product included and Option #2 with two alcoholic beverages included.

Chippewa Steel Merch Discount. Each 5-Game Membership holder will receive a coupon for a one-time 10% off team merchandise.

Best Games. Your 5-Game Membership reserves you tickets to some of the biggest games of the year, including opening night and some of our best promotional nights of the season.

Ticket Exchange Program. If you can’t make a game, you can exchange any unused tickets for another regular-season home game.

Affordable. All of this will only cost you $14 per game for Option #1 and $17 per game for Option #2.

To order your 5-Game Memberships call the Chippewa Steel Hockey Office at 715-861-2131 or fill out the sign-up form below.

5-Game Membership Option #1 5-Game Membership Option #2
Slice of Pizza or Hotdog Slice of Pizza or Hotdog
Nachos w/cheese or Pretzel w/cheese Nachos w/cheese or Pretzel w/cheese
Bag of Popcorn Bag of Popcorn
Pepsi Product 2 Alcoholic Beverages
One-Time 10% Merch Discount One-Time 10% Merch Discount
$14 Per Game-$70 Per Package (Over $110 Value) $17 Per Game-$85 Per Package (Over $140 Value)

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