Meet Tomas Vochozka

Tomas Vochozka is one of the Steel’s top skaters so far this season. Vochozka is from the southern part of the Czech Republic. He started playing hockey in Czech and played one game of professional and one season of juniors before coming to the United States. He then played in Cedar Rapids, for Coulee Region and now for the Steel. Vochozka’s goal is to play D1 hockey.

One interesting thing that Vochozka thought fans should know, is that when he played juniors in Czech he lived in a hotel with the team for a year. His favorite thing about the United States is the food. He loves Oreos and Ice Cream, and his favorite place to get ice cream is McDonald’s. Vochozka’s favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.

Vochozka said that if someone was going to go to the Czech Republic that they should visit Prague and check out some of the lakes. His favorite food is called Svíčková, which is a dumpling with cream sauce and beef.

Come to watch Vochozka and the rest of the Steel this Saturday as they take on the Fairbanks Ice Dogs. Saturday is Ice scraper giveaway night presented by Nordson.