Hunter Weiss started playing hockey when he was just 3 years old. He played for the Highland Park Falcons and then the Chicago Mission and now he is with the Steel. Weiss is originally from Lake Forrest, IL.

Weiss is committed to D1, University of Notre Dame. With his eyes set on getting to Notre Dame as soon as possible, Weiss said, “I liked Notre Dame because they have a great alumni system, they are a good team, they have great facilities, and I will get a good education”.

Weiss mentioned a few of his favorite moments this season have been the Alaska trip, sweeping Fairbanks in the home opener, and their recent 6-0 win against Janesville, among many others.

The Steel defenseman thought fans should know that he is a ‘sugar fanatic’. We asked Weiss a few more questions to get to know him better.


Q: What is your favorite candy?

A: Milk Duds

Q: What do you like to do other than hockey?

A: I like playing football, I played until I was 15

Q: What is your favorite TV show?

A: Friends

Q: Do you have any nicknames?

A: Most people just call me Weiss, I have never had a nickname

Q: What is something that is on your bucket list?

A: I want to free climb, skydive, bungee jump, and cliff dive

Q: What is the most recent song that you have downloaded?

A: Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean