Written By: Devin Miller

Let’s Break the Ice

We sat down with Steel defenseman, Filip Dusek to talk about his time playing hockey, what he’s looking forward to with the Steel, and a few fun facts about him.

Dusek is originally from Prague, Czech Republic. He started playing hockey for a small club team, he quickly moved up to a better team in the league. At just 15 years old, he moved to Canada to follow his dream of being able to play hockey while getting a good education. Dusek played for a prep school in Quebec and then later went on to play with the Aberdeen Wings for 2 years before coming to Chippewa Falls.

Given that it’s a new team, Dusek said that it has been a great start with the group, “We are really melting together. We have a great group of guys, there are veterans and rookies and the team is really close right now”. ¬†Along with playing hockey, Dusek plans to play at a 4-year college and is considering getting a degree in math or something he can use in business. He would love to be able to play a couple years of professional hockey as well. Dusek added that if a door opens for him, he will take any opportunity that comes his way.

When asked about what he’s excited about for the season, Dusek said, “The fans and the games. We have a great fan base. Opening night was so fun to play in for those people, they are so excited about hockey and it’s a great atmosphere”.

Of course, we couldn’t ask questions just about hockey, so we asked some more questions to get to know Dusek a little bit better.


Q: Favorite thing about being in the United States?

A: The opportunity that I can get here. Back home I am not able to get a good education and be able to play good hockey. That’s why I left when I was 15. Those two systems don’t cooperate back home. I am really fortunate to play here and be able to pursue my dreams of hockey and get to go to a good school.

Q: What’s the worst food you’ve ever eaten?

A: The insides of chicken, like a chicken heart. The old school cooking back home.

Q: Best American Food?

A: Hamburgers

Q: Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

A: San Francisco

Q: If someone was going to the Czech Republic, where/what would you tell them to do?

A: Definitely go to Prague and during the day sightsee and at night go out and see the nightlife in Prague, it is so much fun.